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" To find a Rabbi who loves every Jew like the Biala Rebbe shlit"a is a great blessing" Reb Moshe of Tzfat  
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The Biala Rebbe Shlita stands not only is an outstanding Talmud chacham but has also reach the level of what we call a Rebbe. What is a Rebbe? A Rebbe is someone who takes me and you to the highest levels of closeness to Hashem. Guiding each individual on the pathway which is best for them to improve in both midos (character), Chochmah (wisdom) and through all aspects of life.

Those who have had the opportunity to speak with or even to read the writings of the Rebbe, have been touched in ways in which they are unable to relate to another person. So great have they been touched by our Rebbe Shlita.

No matter what walk of life, how simple or complicated a Jewish person is, the Rebbe is there as their leader and friend.

Out of thanks to the Rebbe, we, his chassidim present his Torah's, music and light to the entire world.

  To contact the Rebbe write to and the Rebbe's secretaries will forward the message to the Rebbe.  

It is the Rebbes dream to create a place for Jews to learn Torah together in purity and holiness. If you are interested in joining the Biala yeshiva or helping to expand the yeshivah, please contact the Gabi, Rabbi Gross today!

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My fellow Jews
The Rebbe is waiting to hear from you. Please do not be shy, contact the Rebbe today. It is always when we need the most help that we shy away from speaking to the Tzaddikim. It is truly during this time that we must break our humility and seek out the Tzaddik. By Rebbe Moshe
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