Welcome to Biala!


The Biala Rebbe Shlita

Thanks all who have donated and blesses them with complete salvation!

Build the Yeshiva

  • The bet medarash
  • Mikvah large 3 pools
    $100,000.00 in memory of a someone.
  • Dinning Simcha hall
  • Floor for special kids
  • Soup kitchen
  • Yeshiva classrooms
  • Rebbes Study
  • Welcoming Office

Support the Yeshiva

  • The Rebbe has started building his second Synagoge which is located in Israel. The Rebbe wants you to be a part of expanding the Chassidus of Biala. Please donate today whatever you can towards the new Yeshiva. If you can, please sponsor one of the rooms at the prices mentioned below. When you donate to a Bais Medresh, it is as if you are building Hashem a new Temple. Don't miss out on this mitzvah!
  • Biala Institutions of America
    5809 13 avenue
    Brooklyn, NY