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Kollel Chatos at the Biala Yeshiva

The study of Torah after chatzos diminishes the forces of evil.[46] The forces of unholiness are overcome and a person’s sins are forgiven. One’s intellect and thoughts become purified and one can grasp Hashem’s unity without confusion. Everyone who wants to come closer to Hashem should drive slumber from their eyes at night and devote himself to Torah study and pray in order to triumph over the “husks.” This will positively help him come nearer to Hashem.[47]


            If the Jewish people would arise at chatzos, their enemies would be subdued and would not impress any decrees against them. Our affliction in this bitter exile is caused because of not getting up to study Torah and sing songs of praise after chatzos.[48]


            Rabbi Chiyya taught, “If a person studies the Torah at night, the Shekhinah resides with that person.” This is because it says, “Arise, cry out in the night, at the beginning of the watches; pour out your heart like water before the face of Hashem.”[49] 


            “Bless Hashem, all of Hashem’s servants who stand in the house of Hashem in the evenings.”[50] Rabbi Yochanan remarked, “Those who study Torah at night are considered as if they were engaged in the Temple service.”[51]

Build the Yeshiva

  • The bet medarash
  • Mikvah large 3 pools
    $100,000.00 in memory of a someone.
  • Dinning Simcha hall
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  • Soup kitchen
  • Yeshiva classrooms
  • Rebbes Study
  • Welcoming Office

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  • The Rebbe has started building his second Synagoge which is located in Israel. The Rebbe wants you to be a part of expanding the Chassidus of Biala. Please donate today whatever you can towards the new Yeshiva. If you can, please sponsor one of the rooms at the prices mentioned below. When you donate to a Bais Medresh, it is as if you are building Hashem a new Temple. Don't miss out on this mitzvah!

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